Hazard County, MD
User since: Sep 10 2010

Part-time bartender,amateur historian,cocktail,liquor, and brewing enthusiast. Reporting on all things beverage related: Beer,wine, liquor,coffee,tea,soda,etc.

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Hello Drink Historian, and welcome to SeeMyDrink! Please feel free to peruse the hundreds of drinks that other members have already submitted. You can rate them or give your opinions in the Comment box. Maybe find a cocktail/beer/wine that you want to try, but never heard of, or a new variation on one you already enjoy. You can also contact another member by writing on their Bar Wall or make other members your Drinking Buddies, and view Member Profiles. No matter how you use SMD, we want to know what YOU are drinking. Toast your glass with all of us! Thanks for joining. I look forward to seeing your first upload. -Bartender P.S. I've noticed a lot of recent submissions on SMD have had some historical commentary about their drinks, posted by the uploaders. This might just be right up your alley! Cheers!