Sunken Pomegranate, Hidden Lychee

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Added on: Mar 17 2012

Sunken Pomegranate, Hidden Lychee

Ingredients needed to make a Sunken Pomegranate, Hidden Lychee

Svedka clementine
lychee liquor
fresh lemon juice
Pom purée

Sunken Pomegranate, Hidden Lychee Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix everything except Pom in a shaker. Pour into martini glass, pour pomegranate slowly into glass do it sinks to the bottom.

Lizziemonster's Notes

Another order from a local bar so I'm not sure of the measurements.

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Lizziemonster said:

Thx TK, for posting the actual recipe. I just grabbed the vague description from the website's drink menu. Are you working somewhere else these days?

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neighborhoodTK said:

Hi Lizziemonster,

Glad you like my drink! Just don't forget to give props to the lady who invented it - me, TK, former bartender of Green Land Cafe in Salem, MA.

Your recipe is almost right, but not quite. For those interested in knowing the real recipe, it is:

"Sunken Pomegranate, Hidden Lychee"

Shake together on ice:
~1 1/2 oz Svedka clementine vodka
~1 oz Bols lychee liqueur (not liquor!)
~3/4-1 oz fresh lemon juice
Strain these into a chilled martini glass, then sink:
~ 1 oz Pom juice (not puree)
Top it with: a fresh lemon twist :) Bon appetit!

The end result should be a cloudy whitish martini that fades down to an inch of purple/reddish liquid at the bottom.

It's a super easy-to-make, delicious, beautiful, cost-effective, original masterpiece that I named myself before I even made the drink up. The name came to me after watching the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, actually. After it became so popular with the regulars, it earned the nickname Sunken Spirits, Hidden Hangover, for it is deceivingly yummy and strong. I'm psyched it is popular enough to have spiked internet interest - I only found out it was online because someone mentioned to me they learned a new drink from your post, and I was like, wait a second - that's MY drink! But no hard feelings, I'm honored it has broken free of Green Land's clutches! Perhaps one day it will join the ranks of the classics like cosmopolitans and french martinis -- hey, I can dream. I am very proud to give it to the world to enjoy! Thank you for your promotion, Lizziemonster. Drink and be merry, locals!

Your neighborhood bartender,