Old Tom Martinez

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Added on: Oct 18 2012

Old Tom Martinez

Ingredients needed to make a Old Tom Martinez

2 parts Old Tom
1 part Sweet vermouth
A dash of orange bitters

Old Tom Martinez Cocktail Recipe Directions

Add ingredients to a pint or mixing glass along with a few ice cubes. Stir (do not shake) until quite cold.
Strain into a martini glass.
Garnish with an orange twist.

barkeep's Notes

I used Ransom Old Tom gin and it was amazing. It truly bridged the gap between my favorite London Dry and Bols Genever. Credit here has to go to mixologist/author/historian David Wondrich for resurrecting this spirit from the dead. There is no substitute for this. Drinking it was like tasting history and it brought up all sorts of nostalgia. Truly a one of a kind drink.

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tedvilla said:

I had a killer Martinez at Craigie on Main a couple of years ago. I'm a fan of this antique rare cocktail.

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Bartender said: